Dan Young is a Board Certified Naturopath and Certified Nutritional Counselor.  Dan and his staff are dedicated to bringing you to natural health in a clinical setting where the methods used have been practiced successfully on thousands of clients since 1998. 

Let us show you how to commit to good health naturally.

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Did You Know?

Two-thirds of the World rely upon herbs for their healing functions!

They don't know that they are practicing "Alternative Medicine". Much the same as our farmers sixty years ago were all organic farmers, producing organic crops. They didn't know they were organic farming - they just did it. There are about six to eight long-lived peoples in the World that naturally live 120 to 150 years of age with no senior ailments near their last 20 years of life. Why are none of these long-lived peoples here in our country? They use herbs for their medicine and natural alternative theories to stay well, fit and healthy.






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